When breast is about life and death

I think most of my readers know that I am passionately committed to supporting women’s right and ability to breastfeed their children for as long as it works well for child and mother. But normally when I think about this, it’s about nurse-ins and free formula samples given at the hospital, mothers whose own parents and family discourage them, pumping time and space for working moms,  and women who get sideways looks when they nurse in public. But…important as all those issues are, they pale in comparison to what happens to a poor woman in a developing country when she is “booby trapped” out of nursing at the beginning of her baby’s life, discovering once her milk has dried up that she is now utterly dependent on formula, for which she may or may not have access to safe potable water to mix it with, or funds to keep purchasing it…that’s why there is an International Code of Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes.

Which the Nestle corporation flagrantly ignores.

Please, if you didn’t know about the international Nestle boycott, spread the word about what they and other formula marketers are doing to women in developing countries, and consider joining the boycott as well.  It’s not easy, as this company manufactures, like, everything…but it’s easier than being a mother with no real support for breastfeeding and lots of formula samples shoved into your face…

Boycott Nestle. Visit and support sites like The Leaky Boob and Peaceful Parenting. Let our voices be heard–it’s not so much that “breast is best”–it’s that “breast is NORMAL.” Of course every woman should have the choice of what and how to feed her child…but does that unsupported formula-pressured mother have a choice? Really?


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  1. The truly tragic thing about this is that Nestle has been doing this for YEARS. I remember boycotting Nestle in the 70’s and 80’s when I was growing up when my mom learned about the horrible things they do to breastfeeding mothers.

  2. I knew they’d been doing it for years, but I didn’t realize it was decades–not THAT many decades. How incredibly depressing–all that time and they’re still able to do it?


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