WHAT am I getting myself into?

I’m a bad mom.

My daughter’s birthday was over a month ago, but with work craziness and parents visiting and all the Stuff we had going on, I completely didn’t plan her a party. (Ahem…neither did my spouse, so I can’t take all the blame, but still…)

So we’re doing it next weekend. And we’ve decided (I totally didn’t talk her into this!) on a “B-earth-day party.” Yes, I know Earth Day was even longer ago than her birthday. But I say, every day can be Earth Day!

But now I need to make it happen.

My spouse did the invitations and name list, and he’s addressing them. Which is awesome, because it’s where I totally fall down on the job. But where I’ll be “on” is the part where we figure out what to do.

So we’re talking about up to 10 girls, if everyone comes. I’m thinking we’ll beg our neighbors to borrow one of the big tables they always set up in their garage to put in the back yard for crafts and foodstuffs. That way we can have the whole thing outdoors. Hopefully the anti-rabbit fences I have up to protect my garden will also work against 6-year-old girls.

Here’s what I’ve got in mind at the moment; it’ll be a work in progress through the week, and I desperately welcome any suggestions!!

Food: fruits, veggies, some other Foodstuff Of Substance yet to be decided by the b-earth-day girl.  Cake will be chocolate with blue frosting and decorated with really unattractive green imitations of the continents. (I’m not so good at cake decorating…I may break down, even for earthy-stuff, and buy a cake…) I’m guessing she’ll go with chicken nuggets or something else not very earth-y, but I can only do so much…


  • We’ll paint/decorate little terra-cotta flower pots, fill them with dirt, and either plant some seeds or transplant some nice little live thing. My own perennials are absolutely not yet up to this challenge; maybe another year. I’ll probably have to go buy something that I can divide among 10. Or, as I say, we can use seeds.  I still have a gajillion nasturtium seeds that never got planted…
  • Pine cone bird feeder. Here is a set of instructions that do not involve nut butter. (My kids don’t have nut allergies, but it seems inevitable that someone at the party will!)
  • looking for some kind of flower or butterfly-on-a-stick thing to stick into the full flowerpot. Hmm…still hunting.
  • These pounded flower bookmarks look cool too…
  • Or these egg carton bugs
  • Earth Day relay race–a few sites have something like this, with varying levels of complication, but the simplest seems to be that each team member has to run to one box and get a recyclable, run it to the recycling bin, and then run back to the starting point before the next person goes.
  • Earth Day bingo–I’ll have to make my own cards, but essentially (for the 6-year-old age group) we’re talking a card with E-A-R-T-H across the top and pictures, like flower or rain or rock or whatever, underneath. If something doesn’t in fact happen, this is very likely to be it…I’m not sure I’ll have time to make this happen.
  • Maybe a neighborhood scavenger hunt…again, a work/thought in progress, I need to ponder this one…
  • If we had a flatter surface, water bottle bowling could be fun; my kids used to do that all the time, before I stopped buying seltzer. 🙂
Okay, as you can see, it’still only about 56 minutes worth of activities for the short attention span theater..any suggestions?

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  1. This is already impressive planning, in my book! I actually think your crafts will take up more time than you think. Good Mom!

  2. Don’t underestimate free play! Let them run around!!!

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