THIS is why I’m planting berry bushes in the backyard.

Love this post:

picked, jammed, and jarred in 90 minutes

I mean, how cool is that? You go out and pick your berries, you bring ’em inside and clean them off, you cook them up, dump ’em in jars and process them. Jam done.

It’ll be a few years for us yet…we have two blueberries, two elderberries, a raspberry, and a bush cherry all valiantly trying to establish themselves back there.  But they’ll do it.  The blueberries (two varieties, so they can freely pollinate one another) were the first to go in, and they are looking fabulous.  The first elderberry I got took a while to get going but is looking good now, and the second one only went in last week. In-between were a “carmine jewel” bush cherry and a red raspberry cane. The bush cherry is looking exactly like it did when I planted it–I’m still waiting for new growth, and a little concerned that I haven’t seen it yet.

The raspberry was weird.  If you’ve never purchased a fruit plant in “cane” form, it’s the most bizarre thing–essentially you purchase this little chopped off foot long stick with roots. You stick it in the ground (they suggest to dig the hole and then make sort of a hill in the middle around which you arrange the roots in all different directions),  and fill it back up, and in a couple of weeks instead of just a stick in the ground you see a stick in the ground with little raspberry plants growing around its base. This UK blog post has a picture..

So next year hopefully we’ll start seeing a little fruit, and by three years from now hopefully I’ll be jammin’ but good!

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  1. I’m jealous. My blueberries never did a thing!! Blackberries on the other hand. Oh yeah, baby. We put a bunch of canes in last winter.

  2. Our tiny little bushes will actually give us a few blueberries this year, and hopefully more as it goes…it’s the elderberries I’m holding on for, though…:-)

  3. I have blueberries, strawberries and raspberries in my garden. I get a fairly good harvest every year. However, I actually don’t use my own berries for jam or freezing. We tend to pick and eat our berries fresh from the plant or bush. They’re too good NOT to eat immediately after picking. Plus, sending my kids outside to pick berries after supper means a dessert I’m comfortable with, and some peace and quiet in my house. So I go to the farmers’ market when I really want to make some jam.

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