Product Review: Okabashi Sandals

Okay, remember when I won a free giveaway pair of these new recycleable dishwasher safe sandals from Going Green Mama’s site?

Well, I got my new Okabashi sandals a few days ago, and I’ve been wearing them all week to get used to them and see how I like them.

I like them.

Overall, they are made of a slightly stretchy soft plasticky material with a little bit of nice arch support and little massage-bead bumps on the footbed.  (Not like the foam that Crocs are made of, this is more substantial than that.) They honestly feel a little like “shower shoes”–but they don’t look like it, they are very cute and the plastickyness is really not obvious when you wear them. (Er…okay, any of my friends who’ve hung out with me in the last week, if you’ve at any point looked at my feet and gone, “Hey, Jenn’s wearing shower shoes, whassup with that?” then please let me know…) I’d guess that any of the two-color styles (of which I wish there were more) would be even more deceptive in that sense and really not give the game away.

If you choose to order any, I’d say measure the length of your feet even if you think you know what size shoe you wear! I got the size “large” for women, supposedly fitting size 10-11. (Yes, I have giant clodhopper feet.) They are almost-just-barely too small; I have to work to get my feet all the way into them, at which point they just just fit, and they would probably be more comfortable if they were a little looser; on the other hand, I’d fear that the next size up (which would put me into the men’s styles, which aren’t nearly as cute) would be a little big and floppy. So as usual, I’m kind of between sizes here. On the other hand, they don’t make my feet look more clodhoppery than usual, which is a plus!

The price is definitely right, I like their closed-loop recycling program, where every pair of shoes can (if the customer sends them back) be re-ground into material for new shoes. And they are guaranteed for two years, which is more than I’ve gotten out of a lot of not-that-much-cheaper flipflops in the day.

So I can seriously recommend these to anyone–just measure your feet, because they are serious about the number of inches long the shoe is, and if you’re just over that you might just have a pair of those feet they don’t fit quite right.

And if any of my local friends does decide you want a pair, let me know–shipping is free over $40, and while I don’t want three more pairs, if anyone I know wants one or two, and we could go in together…hey, drop me a Facebook note or something!




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