Chicken tacos: some assembly required

Yesterday I mentioned the awesome picnic food, perfect “kid choices” kind of stuff, we had at the day care end of year party…

Last night, we had another culinary high note, at least from the junior members of the clan. Chicken tacos.

I don’t know if it’s a chain-wide thing, but our local Whole Foods has $5.99 rotisserie chickens on Tuesdays. It was in the nineties today and too hot to do anything even vaguely like cooking, so I asked hubby to bring one home. I picked it clean and shredded the meat, and put it into a bowl. We keep corn tortillas (the floppy kind, not the hard shells, though those would work too) on hand as a basic staple, and shredded cheese and salsa as well. On a good night there might be guacamole in the house. There wasn’t tonight, but it was all good anyhow.

My husband lightly grills the tortillas over the gas stove–a trick he learned in the Mexican neighborhood where he grew up, you turn the stove on very low and just lay the tortilla over it for maybe 20 seconds or until it starts to smoke, then you flip it over and do the same to the other side. Quick and easy, and it really improves the taste a lot. We had bowls of grated cheese, pico de gallo, salsa, greek yogurt (in place of sour cream), and shredded lettuce. (On a better night, we would have had chopped tomatoes and onions as well, but the pico kind of covered that.) In the winter, I’ll sometimes put out leftover rice and beans, something else we often seem to have. Everyone got to make their own tacos however we wanted to–my husband and I piled everything on, my son did pretty much just plain tortilla and chicken, and my daughter had just a tortilla rolled up with grated cheese. (We made the kids eat some carrot sticks, since they didn’t have anything remotely veggie-like on their tacos.) I had to go to work, but my husband was talking about fruit smoothies with the couple of browning bananas and some of the fruit we have stashed in the freezer for dessert.

And then I save the chicken carcass so I can freeze it and make more stock for once it’s cool enough to want soup again…and there’s a good half-chicken worth of shredded meat left over to do something else with tomorrow night…I have some leftover rice pilaf, and some uncooked mushrooms, maybe putting all that together could give me something to work with?…


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