Indulging my admitted anti-Apple bias…

Okay, I admit it. Apple ticks me off.  Mostly because they used to be this wonderful flexible underdog and now they’ve become this behemoth of heavy unmanageable way-too-marketed proprietary products and software. I used to have huge brand loyalty for Apple, but it has diminished gradually over the years and took a final hit when my husband’s iPhone worked great until the warranty wore out, immediately started slowing down, and finally died 3 months before the end of our two-year contract. And the guy at the store, when he took it in, said he sees this all the time.

So anyway…David Robert’s Grist article reviewing Michael Daisey’s one-man show about “The Agony and the Ecstacy of Steve Jobs” details the working conditions of the Chinese employees at FoxConn, the largest manufacturer of consumer electronics in China. It also links to an article about the rash of suicides at the factory, and Google searches lead to a slew of other articles, including a report by an undercover agent who spent a month in the factory.

Now, obviously, Apple is not the only company they provide electronics for. It’s quite a list, actually.  But I know that before reading this article, I hadn’t really thought about my electronics and where they came from, nor had I linked them to the working conditions in China–cheesy plastic toys and stuff I linked there, but not so much my computer parts. But I’m thinking about it now.

Where do your computer parts come from?

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