Mondays at the Booth: a Garden Plan

For the first time ever this year I actually drew up a plan for my garden, and what I want to grow back there.  Over at the Green Phone Booth today I show it off and talk about some of the logic and thinking behind it…come check it out!

(Of course, even since scheduling the post a few days ago things are getting hinky…I went crazy and bought too many tomatoes, so they are not only in much more garden space than anticipated but there are a few in other spots too.  The perennials I ordered are taking much longer to come in than expected, so I’m having trouble keeping weeds out in the meantime and I didn’t want to fully mulch the area until I had them in. And at some point I realized that cool-weather lettuce and heat-seeking basil shouldn’t grow in the same patio barrel, so I had to get two…and so it goes…)

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