When the veggies come, out comes the canner…

So I really appreciate  this article from Simple Bites with hints for planning the canning process this spring and summer.

The best advice–look at what you made last year, and if any of it is still on the shelf, don’t make any more of that this year. I look at my 4 jars of zucchini pickles and ponder the wisdom of that advice. (The problem with the pickles was that I didn’t salt the zukes before pickling them, so they are kind of shriveled and unattractive. I may yet try them again, but more in the bread-and-butter pickles mode rather than spears…)

The corollary: what did you run out of in February, and make more of that. For me, that was my sweet pickle relish for hot dogs. I’m the only one who likes sweet relish in our family, so I figured one jar would be more than enough. I should have made at least two.

And another good piece of advice: what was really well received as gifts? Without a doubt, I wish I’d had more jars of jam to give people with loaves of bread, I ran out before Christmas even hit. The Lavender-Plum jam I made last summer was amazing, and I should make a couple of batches of that. The peach-raspberry preserves were also lovely, like peach melba in a jar, and I totally should do more of that too…

Please, please, if my garden produces, if all those ridiculous tomato plants I got actually bear fruit and swamp me with the things, I won’t have to buy canned tomatoes all winter…and if it really swamps me with the things, maybe I’ll try canning some salsa


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