Melon smoothies

Okay, this may be a no-brainer (in which case, no wonder it works so well for me), but…

You know when you go to parties and receptions, and there’s always that lovely big bowl or tray of cut up fruit, usually involving a lot of watermelon, honeydew, and canteloupe? And how by the conclusion of the event, there is usually still a goodly number of melon pieces (but no strawberries; those are usually picked clean) in the bottom of the bowl or around the edges of the tray? And how by that time, thy aren’t quite so pretty and fresh-looking, they are a little woozy around the edges and not as appealing, though certainly not beyond eating?

Well, I discovered (er…don’t ask me how I discovered it) that if you snag that tray and take it home when everyone is divvying up the leftovers, and after looking at the melon pieces at breakfast time the next morning decide they are even less appealing now than they were then, you can just drop them in the blender and blend until Thoroughly Smooshed, without even adding any additional liquid, and they make probably the most delicious smoothie I’ve ever had.  Lovely and light and not overly sweet–this one is a winner.

I’m not one to buy whole melons and cut them up only to make smoothies…but I am very much one to buy a whole melon, eat half, and then discover the rest has passed that point of delicious fresh eating…this is totally what I’ll do with it next time this comes around.


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  1. I’ve been known to mix them with protein powder, a little unsweetened cranberry juice and some water. Now that’s breakfast:)!

  2. Do you really need the juice and water? The one I made, while admittedly it does involved watermelon, was plenty runny without any extra liquid…

    I don’t really do protein powder. I can kind of deal with Green Superfood powder, but the protein stuff I just can’t make myself like much…

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