Happy Mother’s Day!

My blog posts have been a little sporadic this week–my mom and dad are in town for the week for a whole series of Exciting May Family Events: a birthday, a First Communion, a school play, and mom’s graduation for her second Master’s degree. (I wasn’t even going to walk for it, but my academic mentors and every woman I know who ever completed a degree with children around insisted that I do. And I do get it. So I’m going to the ceremony, wearing the regalia, and doing the actual graduation this time.  Which I did not do for my first Master’s. So it’s a good idea.)

My parents, as a graduation present, offered to buy us a tree–which shows how well they know me.  We’ve completely relandscaped our yard (I really will get pictures up one of these days) and we want to add a lot of vegetation, particularly a tree or two.  And one of the things we’ve been talking about is wanting an apple tree. So yesterday we bought one, and in another 10 days or so the nursery will come out and plant it for us.

We do know what we’re getting into. Apple trees are notorious for pest issues, and this will be the first high maintenance piece of vegetation we’re attempting to deal with. But we eat apples at an alarming rate around here, and I think it’ll be worth it. We’re avoiding pollination issues by getting a “4-in-1” tree–yeah, technically GMO in its way, I guess, but this is different–where four different varieties of apple are grafted onto the same tree, so it’s literally four different apple trees growing from a single trunk. (With apples and in fact most fruit trees or bushes, you need two different varieties that flower at the same time in order to have cross-pollination happen.) I spent a couple of hours last night researching companion planting options for avoiding powdery mildew and apple scab, as well as other pests; I’ll write more about all this in the future, as I learn more…

So…I may disappear for a few more days now too, since only two of the four major family events have happened so far. But I’ll try to check in–in the meantime, Happy Mother’s Day!


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