Best homemade frosting recipe EVER

Yes, that post title might appear to indulge in a little hyperbole…but I stand by it.

Years ago I decided to never again buy those icky store-bought plastic cans of artificial hydrogenated goop, and it was when I discovered how easy homemade buttercream really is…and how easy cream cheese frosting really is…

A couple of days ago when my Peanut turned six, I discovered that if you use half of each, you get this AMAZING creamy frosting that takes maybe 5 minutes to make. Try this. You’ll never go back.

Homemade Frosting Recipe (ices 1 2-layer cake)

Beat on high till fluffy:

  • 1 stick butter
  • 4 oz (half a block) cream or neufchatel (lower fat) cheese
  • 1 tsp vanilla, lemon, orange, or mint extract (or lemon-vanilla is lovely too)
Gradually add in 2 cups powdered sugar, beating till creamy and frosting-like.
Dude, that’s IT. If you want, add a little food color of some kind–yes, I admit it, I occasionally use the little bottle of red 40 to make my daughter’s frosting pink, or a little yellow-and-red for the orange flavor–go for it. And I did find that the butter-cream-cheese frosting had a less attractive color on its own than either straight butter or straight cream cheese do. But it tastes amazing either way.
Try this for your next family birthday–it means you have to clean the beaters after making the cake, and it’s one extra bowl, but it also means an extra set of beaters/bowl to lick clean before your kids come home from school.

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  1. chaynamaree de anzo

    i lov thiz so much it is so goood

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