Marketing Horsepucky

(That is, marketers exhibit high amounts of horsepucky in their campaigns, not that anyone is trying to sell equine refuse. As far as I know. Though they probably could…)

I read these and I know why I prefer to rent movies for my kids to watch rather than set them in front of the TV on their own:

Those %@#! Comfort Food Commercials

–commercials, aimed at kids, talking about how eating Werther’s candy causes this magical Feeling of Comfort. Ick. Recipe for childhood obesity, anyone?

Wendy’s “Natural Cut” Fries. Indeed?

–43% more sodium than the old version? –too bad, because I much prefer the new Wendy’s fries to the old ones…Er…if I’d tasted them. Which of course I haven’t. (duck)

Organic Junk Food is Healthier !?

–this one is about how marketers polled people after letting them sample “ordinary” and “organic” junk foods, and how people assumed the organic version was lower calorie, lower fat, higher fiber, and better tasting just because it was organic. Hmm.



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