Crockpot Risotto?

This is an intriguing idea.

I admit I am skeptical.

Risotto–real, delicious Italian risotto, is one of life’s delights. Cooking nutty starch-exuding arborio rice by pouring in a little hot liquid at a time, letting it soak it up and then adding more, while the steam cooks off and the whole thing just gets more and more intensely flavored, playing with different seasonings and add-ins and yummy seasonal veggies and what-all else…and then stirring some lovely Parmesan into it at the end…just, wow. And not nearly as hard or labor intensive as it sounds, especially if you can get a Spousal Unit to help someone with their homework or break up the kids’ fighting  or even start that load of laundry (“I can’t, honey! I have to stir the risotto!”)

But let’s face it, the crockpot is way less labor-intensive than the real deal. So I wonder if it would be anywhere nearly as good?

Stephanie the Crockpot Goddess (must bookmark that site! Steph has made practically anything you can think of in her crockpot, and she’ll tell you whether it worked or not!) made risotto in her crock for today’s post, and according to her it was “luscious and creamy” and “the ultimate comfort food.” I have not had the opportunity to try this yet, but it sounds like a good idea…I make rice pudding in my crockpot using arborio rice all the time, and that is delicious, so I would think this would be nice too…but part of what’s so lovely about really good risotto is the nice creamy-yet-al-dente texture it has, and I’d be afraid the crockpot would get it too mooshy. If you give it a try before I do, post a comment and let us know how it went!

(p.s…for the next few days I’ll be out of town, leaving the Children and the Man to fend for themselves and also deliberately not taking my laptop computer with me, just my tablet and some books. I’m thinking this will be good for me…but there will not be any more posts this week, most likely…I’ll get back into the swing of things again soon!)


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