Spring at last has sprung!

Or, rather, summer has abruptly shown up today after pretty much 5 months of nonstop winter. It’s not just warm but actually hot out today, and it’s supposed to be in the 80’s tomorrow. This wouldn’t be my normal preference, as someone who loves about 65 degree weather, but it sure beats 40.

Today I got outside and raked away the dead stuff from my winter-mulched plants, and discovered the peony buds popping up, the tiny oregano leaves and chamomile fronds happily greening their way into the light, the evening primroses boldly reddish-green making their ground-level appearance, and best of all my yarrow and echinacea popping up with great vigor.

(And a lemon balm plant in the front yard, which we did not plant there, but which somehow made its way from the protected back corner and will now take over the entire neighborhood. It’s like something from Little Shop of Horrors, those things.)

My husband got the bikes down from the garage ceiling, filled the tires, and we went for a ride. My daughter has grown so much that her little Barbie bike is already too small for her…the neighbors are out, everyone is trimming or digging or walking their dogs.

April 9, 2011. The day spring really arrived in the western suburbs of Chicago.


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