FINALLY updated my blogroll…

I’m afraid blog maintenance is not one of my strong suits. I stink at tagging and categories (which is why I put a search box on my blog, so people can find what they’re looking for–heck, so I can find what I’m looking for–when they come here), I don’t know how to create clever logos and themes, and my blogroll has been hopelessly out of date for about a year.

But this morning I updated it. Mostly because I was scanning down the list of nominees for the top 25 eco-friendly moms and suddenly realized that these fabulous blogs I read all the time (and am voting for daily!) are mostly not even recognized on my own blog page, which is just sort of sad and wrong. So I fixed that up. And will keep fixing it as I discover more I missed.

I put the standards up there, like Mother Nature Network, Grist, and Treehugger–this is where you get a lot of the basic “what’s going greenly on” info. La Vida Locavore is another biggie, and though the politics sometimes get confusing on there (which is a commentary on my inability to get politics, not on the writing there!) it’s a really great site. And sometimes Jill updates us on her backyard chickens.

Then there are all the individual moms, the ones I feel in a lot of ways closer to than a lot of women I see in my own real life circles.  These are the ones I’ve never met in person, but you just know that if we were ever in the same building together we’d be sitting around with a cup of lovely herbal tea (or fair trade coffee, or maybe even a case of some nice local microbrew if no one has to drive?) and be gabbing for hours as though we’d been friends for years.  There’s Amy the Crunchy Domestic Goddess, there’s Robbie the Greenhabilitator (heck, there’s all the awesome women at the Green Phone Booth–the “unmask our heroes” page has links to all our alter egos), there’s Crunchy Betty (who, with her “you have food on your face” tagline, would probably turn our snacks and drinks into a spa day, no complaints here), there’s Amber at,  Doreen at Mom Goes Green, there are Green Beans and Pragmatic Environmentalists and Ecoyoginis and  Lisa with her Condo Blues and Stephanie with her crockpot.  And tons more; I need to keep updating that list. Awesome, awesome women. They all seem to live pretty much the same frustrations as me, in different parts of the country and different environments with different-aged kids, all trying our best to take baby steps however we can, all managing to do more than we probably thought we could a few years ago but not nearly as much as we wish we could.

Then there are my real life friends with blogs–Reg at Creatively Conscious, and Kathleen who has So Much to Say, So Little Time.  And the almost-sort-of real life friends, like Nancy at The Middle Bit, who is a close friend of my close friend but whom I know I would get along with great. These are the women who are why my Google Reader regularly surpasses 700 unread items. (Well, okay, it’s more stuff like Grist and Mother Nature Network that do that, but only because I usually skip them to read my friend-mom blogs!)

I steal…er, homage…their awesome ideas on a regular basis, but I’d highly recommend getting hooked into them on a regular basis!


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  1. Thanks for listing me. 🙂

  2. I’ve found SO many great blogs through others blogroll. But I’ve also found that many weren’t kept up to date. I’ll definitely look through yours – not that I need anything else to read each morning or add to my list, but I may just stumble upon a gem!

  3. Nod. Nod. thankyouverymuch.

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