DIY Diaper Wipes Recipe/Instructions

Diaper wipes.  One of those things one goes through really fast and furiously when one has a kid in diapers. And honestly, they come in handy for a lot of just general cleanup jobs; I used to do quickie bathroom-counter-mop-ups with these all the time.

Yesterday a friend asked me for my recipe for reusable diaper wipes, especially simple if one uses cloth diapers because they can just be tossed into the dirty diaper bag and washed with everything else.

These are incredibly easy!

DIY Diaper Wipes Recipe

You need:

  • a box that used to hold disposable wipes (not necessary, but helpful!)
  • pre-washed cotton flannel or knit or light terry, cut into squares of whatever size you want, that fit nicely into your box (I recommend not too small!). You can use whatever you want for this–old t-shirts or towels or bedding is a great source, or if you want something classier (like for a baby gift or something), you can buy half a yard or so of something you like. Just make sure you wash and dry it on hot a couple of times before use or they won’t absorb properly. Ancient towels and shirts are by far the best. Knits won’t unravel, either.
  • 1-1/2 cups distilled water (lukewarm is best and mixes most easily)
  • 1 tbs neutral oil (such as apricot kernel oil, almond oil, or grapeseed oil)
  • 1 tbs gentle baby wash
  • 6 drops lavender oil
  • 4 drops tea tree oil

Fold the cloths into the box. Mix the liquid ingredients very well (shake them in a jar or something) and pour over the cloths, mooshing everything down so they all get soaked. You might even want to flip your stack over a few times to get everything seriously wet.

You can get away without the essential oils, but tea tree and lavender oils are wonderful gentle oils for babies’ skin, and they are great antifungal and antibacterial oils that can help stave off diaper rashes.

I have also heard that you can cut a roll of paper towels in half and remove the cardboard center and have homemade disposable wipes, but I’ve honestly never gone that route.

May I also confess that these were handy things for me during that period of time when the last thing Mommy was able to find time for was an actual shower…they do good work for quickie sponge baths as well. 🙂 So enjoy!

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    Green Ladies… start your engines!!

  2. Would coconut oil work instead of the almond oil?

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