Someone Likes Me!

Okay, this is sort of cool–I’ve never been even on the edge of “being popular” before, I was always the nerd on the fringes.  And I’m cool with that. But I’ve just been nominated to be one of the top 25 Eco-Friendly Moms on the Circle-of-Moms website.  So now if I want to actually make the cut, I have to noodge my friends and readers to come over to that website and vote for me.  The site itself can be found here, or there’s that little widget over to the right that you can click on.

It’s very blogoverse, of course–if I do win, I get lots more people coming to read my blog. In order to win I have to get a lot of people to go to their site, and so everyone is getting happy blog-stat action going on.  Grassroots quid pro quo at its finest.  But I’m not knocking it–and if you do click over to that site and scroll way down to my little blog to vote for me (because I’m not really all that popular, I’m still kind of the nerd on the fringes:-) ), you’ll be passing by basically every cool blog I currently read and try to keep up with. These are awesome women, and I’m honored just to be in their company.

But y’all can still vote for me. You know, if you want. No pressure. And you can vote once a day, if you want. If you want. No biggie.

It’s just kind of fun, that’s all. I haven’t been nominated for anything in a long time. Makes me feel all speshul. 🙂


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  1. Where’s the link? I looked up circle of moms but I didn’t see it coming up right away, and I’m in a hurry this a.m., sorry!

  2. Never mind. Thirty seconds’ problem solving solved it. Imagine that. 🙂

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