Biking=Terrorism? Oh Please.


New York’s bike lanes are ‘homegrown terrorism,’ say red-faced opponents

This is just insane. Bike lanes as “monstrous” and “truly offensive?  It’s crazy.

As is this:

“The New York pedestrian gets good at judging his or her foot speed against the velocity of onrushing vehicles. But the addition of bike lanes, and the bikers they carry, has made jaywalking a more fraught proposition. “You know about the cars. You know about that potential danger when you’re crossing the street. You know you might end up a bag of blood and guts and bones. But that is a finite realm of danger,” says Jack Brown, who used to own a bike shop in the East Village. “When it comes to cyclists, that danger is infinite. Cyclists can be anywhere, at any time: on the sidewalk, riding the wrong way down the street. And you have no peace … The anarchy that has been allowed to prevail is astonishing. According to butterfly theory, according to chaos theory, I am sure that the level of emotional and psychological damage wrought by the bicycle far exceeds the damage done by cars.” And then Brown goes there: “It is homegrown terrorism. The cumulative effect is equivalent to what happened on 9/11.”

Good. God.


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  1. Oh, good grief. Audacious comparing it to 9/11.
    Was it just me or did anyone else get imagery of Jurassic Park when Malcolm was explaining butterfly and chaos theory with that glass of water that would also indicate the forboding approach of …….. Tyrannosaurus Bikes! (aaaaahhh!)

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