Is it Sugar? Or Red 40?

Okay, you know that cultural trope (or is it a meme? I get all confused…) about “give the kids a lot of sugar and then they’re hyper”?

I’m starting to wonder.

Look at articles like this one:

When Food Dyes Color Our Child’s Behavior

And this:

FDA will finally look at link between artificial food dyes and children’s behavior

I mean, think about it…when we “sugar kids up,” historically, is it usually homemade cookies or fruit juice? (News flash, fruit juice has a lot of sugar, it may not be added sugar, but at this level sugar is sugar, you know?) No, it’s snacky foods, processed packaged things, Halloween or Easter or Christmas candy, and so forth.

Makes me wonder…okay, so maybe the wig-out-and-bounce-off-the-walls phenomenon is real and demonstrable, hard to say (most of the children with whom I come in contact are like that whether they’ve had sugar or not)–but is it really the sugar that’s causing it? Or could it be at least aided and abetted by these artificial colors that lurk in all kinds of foods?

I’m not a scientist. I don’t even play one on TV. (But I would if someone wanted to give me a job, I’m flexible.) But this just seems sort of…reasonable. Makes me wonder.



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  1. i check ingrediants. anything with a color word – DOES NOT GET BOUGHT. now, i look at the sugar content per serving for the juices. the lower the better. BUT DEFINITELY NO COLORS! we saw withdraws within 2 weeks of removing it from their diet.

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