Daily Archives: March 24, 2011

Remember paper dolls?

Well, my daughter makes her own. And it took me till now–actually, till reading the Fun Mum’s post on the topic–to realize how cool this is, rather than just getting irritated with the countless oddly-shaped little items of paper all over the house.

Fun Mum even includes a little template for these dolls, though I’m sure most of us could manage to make one of our own, if we wanted to.  This is a great idea, and now that I’m (fairly) sure my daughter won’t cut her own hair if I give her kiddie scissors and don’t supervise like the plague, it’s a wonderful, cheap, green craft.

This discovery led me, of course, to the internet. Where, of course, there are tons of resources for this kind of thing.  Check out Familycrafts.com, which has patterns for clothes as well as dolls, in sets that all work together. The Making Friends site looks more complicated, but they have good resources too. So does this Wikihow page.  And Marilee’s Paper Dolls Page.

Now that we can get magnet sheets and print those on our printers at home, this whole project can even go into the realm of more permanent projects, stuff not to just make but to play with after they are made…food for thought here!

I remember loving these so much…paper dolls were my obsession for years.  I don’t know why I was surprised that my daughter happened onto the project without any help from me…

Anyone ever tried anything like this?