Product Review: Truwhip (whipped cream it ain’t, but it’s worth a look!)

Okay, the caveat right out of the gate: this is not a “healthy” food, this is a “not so scary form of something we usually get full of chemical scariness” food, and one which doesn’t even really qualify as “food” but more like “edible substance. Michael Pollan would absolutely not approve.

I know, with an endorsement like that, you really want to keep reading, right? I’m talking about “Truwhip,” the organic shorter-ingredient-list version of Cool Whip, that really easy to use “non-dairy whipped topping” that pops up all over the place.

The good news: its ingredient list is way less scary than Cool Whip. And it tastes and feels a heckuva lot like Cool Whip. So if you use Cool Whip a lot and want something less creepy and chemical, or are a vegan and want a non-dairy alternative, this is absolutely your product. [EDIT: The Fat Dietitian in the comments alerts me that it is NOT vegan, and contains a milk protein.  Sorry about that.]

The not-as-good news: it tastes and feels a heckuva lot like Cool Whip. And being neither vegan nor overly concerned with my fat intake, I’d invariably rather just eat whipped cream, even the stuff out of a canister (which you can also get organic now). There is no substitute for real whipped cream. But honestly, if I were in a situation where I needed the particular qualities of Cool Whip (something virtually impossible to replicate in a DIY kind of way, which is sort of rare–instant pudding seems to be in that category as well), it’s really nice to know there’s an alternative out there.

I did three different “tests” of the product: first, of course, the “on a spoon out of the tub” test.  That’s where I discovered it tastes and feels a lot like Cool Whip, both frozen and thawed. Overly sweet, not too much flavor, and kind of disintegrates in your mouth fairly quickly.

Second, I tried a recipe I’d found online, one intended for Cool Whip—or rather, an adaptation, since I didn’t have the actual ingredients: I melted half a cup of semisweet chocolate chips in a little half and half, stirred in a cup of Truwhip, and chilled till set.  (I may try this again with a little instant coffee and maybe cinnamon in there as well.) The result: a chocolate-mousse kind of thing that was a lot like the inside of a Three Musketeers bar. Only better. Actually, quite good.  I found it a little too sweet and insubstantial, but honestly it was pretty yummy.  If I were a vegan who wanted chocolate mousse, I’d get me some vegan chocolate chips and have at it, and feel very decadent about it.

Third, I went to the Truwhip website and tried an adaptation of one of their recipes, the Chocolate Whip Freezer Pie. (Or rather, Chocolate Whip Freezer Mousse, since I wanted to make a smaller amount and didn’t have a pie crust anyway. And I didn’t bother to freeze it.) This one was, truly, absolutely delicious. It would probably be even better with whipped cream instead of Truwhip, but that would be even more decadently evil. And the cream cheese makes it non-vegan–is there a vegan cream cheese?–which destroys the main rationale for choosing the Truwhip version over real whipped cream (aside from saturated fat and calorie count, that is).  But it’s worth reproducing my version of the adapted recipe:

Truwhip Chocolate Mousse

  • Melt 2/3 cup chocolate chips and ¼ cup milk together in a microwave-safe medium-sized bowl in the microwave for maybe 20-30 seconds. Watch carefully so nothing bubbles or burns.
  • Add a sprinkle of cinnamon and ½ tsp instant espresso powder (optional) and stir till smooth.
  • Add 4 oz (half a block) softened cream cheese, cut into small pieces. Whisk till smooth and incorporated.
  • Add 1 tub Truwhip whipped topping (okay, or Cool Whip if you don’t mind potentially toxic chemicals in your dessert), thawed (a little over 2 cups), and fold in till incorporated
  • Transfer to pie crust, nice bowl, or other container and refrigerate or freeze.

Delicious, actually.  Delicious enough that I may very well go buy more of this stuff in order to make this recipe again. And in a pinch, like “oh crud, I was supposed to bring dessert for that dinner party we leave for in 20 minutes,” it’s quick and requires only one bowl.

So, to summarize my impressions of Truwhip: Whipped cream it ain’t–lacks the rich taste and lovely mouth-feel. Cool Whip it ain’t either–lacks the unpronouncable ingredient list and potentially scary chemical components. Whether you’ll use or enjoy this product depends entirely on whether you actually eat Cool Whip–if you do, I’d suggest making the switch immediately. If not…honestly, there’s no real reason to go here except for speed or fat avoidance…In any case, I’m glad this product is out there.

(Disclaimer: Truwhip sent me a coupon for a free tub so that I could write a review. As you can see above, I do not feel obliged due to the freebeeness to write an undeservedly glowing review–these are my honest impressions of the product.)


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  1. Have you ever made your own whipped cream? Incredibly easy, even better than the canned stuff – very decadent and worth scooping right out of the bowl with your fingers to eat — (not that I’ve ever done that…much). It will convince you to never go back to the tub stuff if you eat dairy – and looks really impressive at big family gatherings to boot.

  2. Oh, TOTALLY real whipped cream beats hell out of any substitute. I seldom make it for real since we seldom have over enough people to eat enough of it, and if I made it and there were leftovers I’d manage to consume them all. (Whereas when there’s a can, I’m somehow able to restrain myself longer, because I know it will keep.)

    On the other hand, my reasons for wanting to try this centered around the TOTAL lack of a “DIY Cool Whip” kind of alternative, other than homemade full-fat whipped cream, which won’t have the weirdly chemical-derived ways of behaving that Cool Whip has. (Again, the Three Musketeers thing.) So I wanted to see what would happen.

    If I were a vegan, I’d see this product as a great delight and joy and improver of my quality of life. But since I’m not…pass the half and half, please. 🙂

    (Colonel Brooks used to put a dash of Kahlua into their homemade whipped cream…try it, it’s AMAZING.)

  3. For me, it’s the real stuff or nothing…Cool Whip leaves a weird tingly kind of numbness on my tongue that does not fall into the “good way” category. Real “whipper cream” as it’s called by my kids is the only frosting or cake topper they know. A touch of agave gives it a hint of sweet & they can’t wait for this treat! (Corny, sorry!) My husband, however, was raised on chemical convenience foods & will not give up his ‘bowl of ewww’ as I call it. Hmmm, maybe I can sneak attack him with this stuff…thanks for the info!

    • oh, totally, try this then! It behaves like Cool Whip, but has many fewer ingredients and they aren’t scary. 🙂 I bet he wouldn’t even know.

  4. I have just recently stumbled across Truwhip, but have yet to actually try it. I think I might buy a tub to check it out, however I wanted to let you know that Truwhip is not vegan (it contains a milk protein).
    Now I just need to decide, do I want my Truwhip on fruit or as a moussey concoction? 😀

    • It’s not vegan? Hmm…

      Then what’s the point? Now I really don’t get it.

      It’s really not bad stuff, in a pinch–but yeah, if it doesn’t even get vegan points, I’m not sure why to choose it over real cream…

      • … Because it’s SOOO delicious!! I know I am probably rare, but since I can remember, I have absolutely hated the taste of dairy, cream, butter, cheese, etc. – therefore, I am ALMOST a vegan. I barely ever eat dairy – because I hate the taste and I don’t want to support that industry anyway… So I am one who THRILLED about “truwhip.” It doesn’t have the “dairy” taste of “real” whipped-cream. I leave it in the fridge (it could last weeks in there -however- it’s so yummy, my container lasts 3 days). The texture is silky/fluffy perfection. Of course, I wish it was completely vegan, but AT LEAST it TASTES vegan.

  5. TruWhip is amazing! I happened upon it on a Mgrs. Special at a local food store that carries some natural stuff. It was 50% off so I figured worth a try, but not with much hope. It’s been 30 yrs since I’ve bought Cool Whip so I’ve learned to live w/o it. Anyway … took it home and couldn’t believe it! Absolutely delicious. Before it totally thaws out it’s like a cross between marshmallow creme and Cool Whip (well, I guess I should say whipped topping since I don’t have a clue what Cool Whip tastes like any more). So, I ordered a whole case of it at a place I can get it at wholesale price. Just came in on Friday. Loving it!

  6. Donna–thanks for the testimonial! I don’t think i caught it between the frozen-and-thawed places…I did really like it in recipes, but by itself it really didn’t do anything for me. But like I said, I don’t like Cool Whip to begin with! Glad it’s working for you. 🙂

  7. Thank you for this review. As a person who is lactose intolerant, I was very disappointed when the makers of Cool Whip added milk and cream to its ingredients. I am looking forward to trying TruWhip.

  8. I found Truwhip pretty nasty on its own. The texture was OK, but the taste was fake and chemical-y. I remember Cool Whip tasting much more pleasant; however, it’s hard to say because I haven’t tasted the stuff in ages for obvious reasons, namely the scary ingredient list.

  9. I want to make a point that best yummy texture & taste for truwhip is by leaving it in the fridge (up to two weeks). I think people are leaving it in their freezers and eating it from there -gross. From the fridge, I’ll be surprised if it lasts two weeks!!!!! Mine is gone in 3 days! I put in on my coffee!!!!! Now I’m a complete truwhip addict.

  10. I bought some Truwhip to try in a from-mom-and-needs-healthier-non-chemical-updating eclair cake recipe (Instant pudding substitute – where are you??).

    I was hoping to change the recipe by degrees, and go to this before trying plain old fresh whipped cream.

    I did want to mention, though, that you CAN freeze whipped cream. I whip up 1/2 cup or a cup at a time (whatever is leftover from whatever recipe I’m making that inevitably only needs 1/2 cup of heavy cream), with a 1-2 tablespoons of sugar (per Betty Crocker’s instructions), and then put little dollops on waxed paper on a cookie sheet. Freeze that for an hour or two, then slip them off with a spatula and into a freezer jar where they last for months. You can just pull one out for your hot chocolate, or slice of pie, or fresh strawberries. Let it thaw about 10 minutes, probably, and it’s perfect. 🙂

  11. Ed and Marlene Bailey

    Recently, my husband and I attended the Strawberry Festival while in Florida. I noticed the Truwhip advertisement sign above one the buildings selling strawberry shortcake. We went in and got a printout on Truwhip from a very helpful lady. It told me everything I needed to know about the product. I noticed the ingredients were void of some of the unhealthy things I found in such products like Cool Whip and even some canned products which caused me to give up on whip cream in past years, My husband and I purchased strawberry shortcake from the vender which featured Truwhip and we both loved it! I will never use anything else as long as Truwhip is available. We are now back in Iowa and hope they will stock Truwhip in the Grinnell Walmart. We did find it in Marshall town. I will gladly drive the extra distance. Thanks so much Truwhip for making a product we can feel safe about consuming!
    M. Bailey

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