I found a new blog!

Loving Nature’s Garden. This is a wonderful blog –full of practical and hands-on advice I’ll be using for months. And it’s only March–if she keeps blogging through the spring, I’ll have a buttload of great info…

There’s her entry entitled “10 no-fuss foods for your garden.”

There’s her “Simple Guide to Buying Vegetable Seeds.”

There’s her guide to “How to Eat Seasonally from your Garden

I’m going to enjoy this one…


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  1. Hi Green Mom In The Burbs. Thanks for the shout out. Yes, there are a LOT more gardening tips coming your way. I look forward to our conversation in the comments over the next few months.

    What are you planning for your garden?

  2. Oh goody, I can’t wait!

    We’re trying to re-do our backyard into a mixture of ornamental and edible plants–using bushy plant shade to grow lettuce later into the season, planting fennel and calendula around to discourage squashbugs, stuff like that. We want a fruit tree and blueberries, and we want squash, cukes, and tomatoes for sure, and lots of basil. But beyond that we’re not committed yet. (And it’s another 2 months before we can realistically plant much in Chicago without fear of frost anyway!) I am looking forward to following your blog!

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