Is Ginger better than Advil?

For most people, well…probably not.

But I can’t take Advil. My eyelids get all puffy. Same with naproxyn.

So this article caught my attention:

Is Ginger Better than Drugs?

I’d heard of ginger as a treatment for upset stomach (coincidentally one of the symptoms NSAIDS cause for many people), or as part of salves and ointments for sore muscles, but I’d never heard of it for general pain relief.

Worth exploring…


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  1. Interesting. It sure helped me when I was pregnant and puking. I’d love to replace all the nsaids in my life.

  2. I gobble candied ginger to lessen seasickness. This was an interesting article – 5 grams of fresh ginger might be a bit spicy, but definitely less caloric than a comparable amount of candied ginger! I wonder if candied ginger would have the same effect, tho. Or what about those ginger capsules. My neighbor wears by them but never tried the fresh stuff.

  3. I don’t know about pain relief but my family swear by a warm, non-alcoholic, non-carbonated ginger drink to relieve indigestion, gippy tummy and flatulence.

  4. But the candied ginger is so good…:-)

    How much is 5 grams, anyway?

  5. (Ian, I like your website! I’ll bookmark it for the future!)

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