McDonald’s Oatmeal?

I just saw my first commercial for McDonalds fruit and maple oatmeal. I’ll be honest, it looked delicious.

But I was curious about the ingredients, and if it’s really as healthy as it looks like…

So. It looks like there are only four ingredients at first, or maybe six: oatmeal, apples, cranberry-raisin blend, and light cream. Then when you look closer, and count all the little intermediate ingredients, there are actually 21 total.

Most look fairly innocuous. Caramel color, which is now linked to cancer (as are so many things), is in there.  Sodium phosphate, in a google search popped up mostly as a colon cleanser (yay, that’s what I want from my oatmeal!). Other stuff, like sodium steriol lactate, citric acid, and the ever-popular carageenan, are also in there but seem to be fairly innocuous.

Bottom line for me: I normally don’t go anywhere near Mickey-D, but in a pinch I could probably buy this without too much concern.

Anyone try it yet?


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  1. McDonald’s knows how to make tasty stuff! I love their fries:

    (Even though they probably take years off my life)

  2. haha…just yesterday my husband said a woman tried to give him two coupons for mcdonald’s oatmeal. he passed on the coupons telling her we don’t eat there. even he was amazed that they had probably come up with a way to take every single nutrient out of oatmeal and sell it.

  3. Leave it to McDonalds to convert Oatmeal into a fast food additive bonanza!
    Dont know if it nationwide but here in maine at least they are now selling CAMPBELLS SOUP! At least there no pretense of home cooking and I guess with Campbell’s you at least know what you are getting (lots of salt, for one thing!

  4. I gotta say, FOR MCDONALDS (a big qualifier) it doesn’t look all that bad…at the very least, it gives a quick option for people who want/need something that’s actually going to stick with them but genuinely don’t have the opportunity to stop at home for Real Food and didn’t plan ahead.

    On the other hand…as someone who deeply appreciates the difference between “instant oats” (the gluey stuff you get in packets, and what I’d BET this stuff is) and rolled oats (so much better, and they only take maybe 3-4 minutes in the microwave to cook), I’m not sure this will be a great advert for oatmeal in general.

    (Then there are steel cut oats, which do represent a significant time expenditure but are SO SO good!)

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