“I’m bringing you dinner.”

Blessed are they who, in times of family stress and hardship, have lovely friends who bring over meals for the family.  In the past year, for various reasons, we have been on the receiving gift of this wonderful neighborly ministry three times–twice at the time of deaths in the family, and once by a particularly thoughtful friend who knew I was taking graduate exams and absolutely stressing out.  Each time has been a huge huge gift…

Today I ran across (I think Food in Jars linked to it) a particularly beautiful post on “Sympathy Meals,” a sort of guide for those who want to but aren’t sure exactly what or how. Definitely a really good source–check it out.

Does anyone have any favorite meals they like to bring friends? One of my favorite things to do is soup (chicken noodle or pasta fazool) with a loaf of fresh bread.  What else do you guys do?


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  1. Thanks so much for the mention. It certainly has been encouraging to see the warm response to the post.

  2. baked custard. With caramelized sugar on the bottom or not.

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