My favorite wintertime moisturizer…

…costs pennies and is made out of stuff on my kitchen counter.

I’ve talked about this before, but it’s worth saying again: quite seriously, all I do is put neutral oil–in my case, grapeseed–into a little pump bottle with a few drops of essential oils. (Lavender and orange, at the moment.) I keep it right by the bathroom sink. Every time I wash my hands, or every time my kids wash their hands, we dry off lightly and then put a teeny squeege of the oil on while our hands are a little damp, and rub it in.

It’s not greasy at all–it just soaks right in.  And leaves skin wonderfully soft.

Same thing works out of the shower, by the way–again, before you’ve had time to get totally dry, just smooth a couple of squirts of this stuff onto your hands and smooth it all over. Do the face last, with whatever’s left on your hands after doing legs and stuff, and it gets just a teeny bit of the oil without getting greasy. Takes about 4 seconds total.

I swear I have fewer wrinkles on my face than I did 2 years ago.  Seriously.

Give this a try–it’s so much less expensive and has so many fewer weird chemicals in it than anything you’d buy at the store–and I swear, it really does work better!


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