My jeans are water-suckers?

Today on Grist I read about how much water–what an insane amount of water–is used to produce blue jeans. Which I found heartily disillusioning, since blue jeans have always seemed like this lovely low-impact wear-forever clothing item we can feel nice and positive about. (Well…I guess if I were someone who bought “acid wash” jeans I wouldn’t feel so warm and fuzzy, but still…)

Fortunately they also put a link to a new kind of jeans Levi’s is making, called “Water<less” jeans, or something, manufactured with much less water in the process.

I’m a secondhand jeans kind of person myself (one of Grist’s suggestions to lessen our denimpact: “get into someone else’s pants.” I love Grist.), and I don’t get to wear them often enough to really wear them out, but if I ever do get to actually buy new ones, I may have to check those out…

(Another tongue-in-cheek Grist article that made me giggle: Eco-friendly detergents ruin America and the future by requiring a tiny amount of effort.)


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