Mark Bittman’s “Food Manifesto for the Future”

Mark Bittman has moved over to the New York Times Opinion department…his first entry:

A Food Manifesto for the Future

Nothing terribly new or earth-shatteringly innovative, but very good stuff. Worth a read if you haven’t read him before. (I mean, it’s VERY innovative, but it’s exactly what he and Pollan and Most People With Brains have been saying ad nauseam for the past few years…)

He’s also got a blog on the NYTimes; I’ve subscribed to it, and I’m looking forward to it…



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  1. I’m glad he’s advocating for better food policy – but I sure will miss his minimalist column. I loved his simple, whole food recipes!

    • I know, I agree…but he’s become a Voice, one people listen to, and sort of in that “if anyone can make a difference, he can” category. So I can mourn a bit, but I can also be really happy for him.

      Plus, we can all hope that his NYTimes blog will keep giving us some of those recipes and stuff. 🙂

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