Hot Men for Eco-chicks

Okay, I think it’s been fairly clear that my feminine admiration for Michael Pollan has been mostly tongue-in-cheek, despite his more-than-passing resemblance to Jean-Luc Picard. (My intellectual and social admiration for him is not tongue-in-cheek at all, by the way–I think he’s one of our contemporary heroes, and I think he’s fabulous. Just to be clear here.)

But all of a sudden, there are all these HOT guys doing very positive ec0-things, and it seems like a green chick has an awful lot to drool over these days.

There was Edward Norton, the U.N. biodiversity ambassador.  (And OMG, he’s such an amazing actor…)  Then Leonardo diCaprio, who along with his various work has a website inviting us all to cut plastic bags out of our lives and save the tigers, with links to various films he’s produced two shorts, one long. (The shorts, one on water and one on global warming, are viewable on his website. The Eleventh Hour is a Netflix Instant Play. So Titanic they are not–we still love him.)

Then last week the lactation community gets a huge “Whee!” over Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr’s new baby and the widely publicized photo, taken by Orlando, of his wife breastfeeding their newborn, and the story of his support through her natural birth.  (and the utter absence of photos of HIM–I love that most of all, I think.)

And then today I find this article about Jake Gyllenhall’s support for the Berkley-based Edible Schoolyard program. (Okay, so he doesn’t have Jaime Oliver’s accent, but he’s still seriously droolworthy…)

All these guys are seriously too young for me. (Okay…Edward Norton is about my age.) But I so love that so many of these Hollywood hotties are stepping forward to champion green issues…


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  1. Oh, if only there were some regular guys with similar attitudes around my age bracket in my community…I think I could fall in love again 🙂

  2. Honestly, even the age thing could be negotiable…:-) Besides, drooling over them from afar allows us not to have to deal with the annoying characteristics each one no doubt possesses in spades…

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