Last Night I Wore Makeup…

…for probably the first time in maybe a year. I mean, I’ve done a little tinted lip balm now and then, and maybe a teeny bit of foundation on my nose on particularly splotchy days, but the whole full-face deal, with the eyeshadow and everything,  is something I haven’t done probably since the last time I was in a belly dance show. (Did y’all know I am a belly dancer?)

Last night hubby and I went to a wedding–the first one I’ve been to as a guest in I don’t know how long.  I bought shoes. I wore a dress with coordinating jewelry, wrap, and bag.  (I got the wrap on ebay and the bag from The Hunger Site Store. And I had made the dress. So I wasn’t completely unsustainable about it…) I spent more than 20 minutes doing my hair.  And I wore makeup, full makeup, on my whole face.

Weird feeling.  I can’t believe I used to do this every day. My eyes were sort of burny the whole time, even before I started dancing and getting sweaty.  It wasn’t very pleasant.  Literally the first thing I did after getting home (okay, first I kicked off the new shoes and put away the coordinating jewelry and got out of the dress and all) was to clean my face.  And somehow, rather than going for a traditional cleanser or soap, I remembered the lessons of Crunchy Betty–I got a little bowl, and in it quickly dumped about a spoonful each of crushed almonds, honey, and yogurt, and mixed it up. Washed my face with it.  I swear my skin was just going, “Thank you, thank you! this is much better! Om nom nom nom…” the whole time. Afterwards, my skin was smooth and clean and glowing, and so much happier…

I’m working towards posting a challenge for the whole year of 2011, about taking some little steps toward shifting away from the synthetic chemical stuff that is so pervasive and all around us, and towards the Real, the authentic, the whole, the only-a-couple-of-ingredients-in-very-natural-state kinds of substitutions we could every easily make if we set our minds to it and gave it enough of a chance to discover that the natural substitution is often better at the job than the commercial product.

In this case, it was a no-brainer–my face feels just as nice today.

I hope it’s another year or more before I have to do full makeup again, though…


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