Can you ever have too many purses? (recycled wool felt sweaters)

It’s funny, for someone as not-prone-to-mania about shopping as I am, I am not immune to the Cute New Purse yearning. But instead of drooling over ones I see in stores, I get more excited about creative tutorials to make them myself…

So, even though I’m still delighted with my Perfect Purse purchase from last summer, I saw this felted purse tutorial and immediately want to go try it out. (I won’t, at least not right now. Inertia is a powerful force…) Isn’t this cute? And bright and happy, in the midst of dull doldrummy winter?

Sweater felting projects are one of my hobbyhorses, though I have a tendency to not finish what I start. One of my first Green Phone Booth posts was a whole overview of the process, so if you’re interested, go check that out. (In brief: take old wool sweaters and intentionally shrink them into felt by washing and drying on high heat, then craft away with the resulting lovely warm non-ravelling felt fabric.) There are a number of crafterbloggers who focus on wool felting on their web pages, and you can probably find a bunch of them through searches…I made a very cool purse two winters ago, without a pattern, using repurposed linen pants for the lining (interior pockets already sewn by someone else!) and a felt sweater for the outer body; it’s getting sort of beat up now, or I’d post a photo…

Anyway, it’s fun, it’s cheap, and aside from the fact that you get a lot of lint in your washing machine and may end up with a whole bunch of shrunken wool sweaters taking up closet space before you’ve figured out what you want to craft with them, it’s a fairly cheap and harmless hobby. If anyone reading this does do any felting projects, please let me know or send me pictures or something!


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  1. That post continues to be our most viewed post at the Green Phone Booth. I have a felted sweater that I’ve been meaning to turn into mittens for the boys. Maybe I’ll get to it before winter’s over. 🙂

  2. That’s the cool thing about having some sweaters already felted…last winter I just sort of on a whim made mittens for my daughter one afternoon in about 20 minutes. She got to help, with the whole hand-tracing thing, and I had the sleeves of a sweater leftover from the quilt I made her…it’s so easy and fast when someone else has done most of the hard work for me already!

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