Mondays at the Booth: Synthetic Food Dyes

Over at the Green Phone Booth today I dive into the brightly colored sea of confusion around how much chemical food dye pops up in tons of the foods my kids eat day to day…come check it out!

Food to Dye for
A Suburban Greenmom is defeated by Yellow 50…

It’s odd—for someone as concerned with what’s in my food as I normally am, I somehow never gave food dyes much thought one way or the other. I mean, most of the food I buy doesn’t have dyes in it, or so I’ve always assumed, so why worry, right?

Except there are those fruit snacks my kids keep getting at parties and from sitters. And “juice drinks” at parties. Halloween candy. Christmas candy. Even the chocolate milk they drink with such joy every Friday at school. (Chocolate milk? Food coloring? Why?) I can have some control over what I buy to feed my kids, but there’s so much stuff out there I can’t control; and I can’t exactly mandate control over everything that goes into their mouths when I’m not around…

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