GMO or GM-no?

I like the looks of this:

The GMO Experiment: New Seal Helps Consumers Say NO to the Experiment and Join the Control Group

This is exactly the kind of thing that royally ticks me off about some of the corporate maneuvering around what’s in our food supply–it’s not just that they want to be able to put whatever they want to in our food, but they also don’t want to have to tell us what that whatever is.

I hope this takes hold, that this “non-GMO seal” is permitted to continue and that other companies get on-board…like the furor over disclosure of whether milk producers were allowed to state on labels that no growth hormone was used on the cattle from which the milk came, with pro-big-dairy lawmakers trying to outlaw even the statement from going onto the labels...

It just stinks, all of it.



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  1. Does anyone know the outcome of the salmon decision? This is the latest article I could find on the topic:

    Remember that commercial?: It’s not wise to fool with Mother Nature! 🙂

  2. This was all I could find:

    So, no, I don’t really know…it’s that bit about “nope, they won’t label it because they say it’s ‘substantially’ identical to conventional salmon” that gets me. I don’t know if I would even mind their producing and selling it, or at least as much, as long as I knew I could choose whether to eat it or not. It’s not knowing, and effectively PREVENTING the consumer from knowing, that really tees me off.

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