You’ve got to be kidding me.

Batter blaster. Pancake batter in a can, like the propelled whipped cream I confess to liking way more than I should. (And yes, I squirt it directly into my mouth sometimes.  And yes, I taught my children to do it too. Sue me.) (Er…what was I saying again?)

Pancake batter.  In a  can.  Really? I mean, really?

Check out the demo video on their website.

The thing that gets me is the image of the woman who gets overwhelmed by the hideously overtaxing process of making one’s own pancake batter. (Again, I must ask, really?) Pancakes and waffles are incredibly easy, especially if you take the time to make your own baking mix and keep some around the house, so you only have to add milk, eggs, and oil and give them a quick stir–I can do it literally in the time it takes for the pan to heat up.

That this stuff proudly proclaims itself to be organic  just adds to the sort of surreal quality…


(and while you’re at it…check out this site with “Twinkie Sushi,” or this one with “Whole Chicken in a Can.” You decide which is the most bizarre/gross.  Got these from Grist’s Twelve Things You Should Never Put In Your Mouth list…)


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  1. Jackie @ Crest Cottage

    Hahaha… That is just crazy! This is part of the problem I have with companies/people that proudly declare, “Oh, I only eat organic” or “We only use organic ingredients.” Being organic doesn’t automatically make it healthy!!! Sigh.

    On a lighter note, I make pancakes all the time. I have my home made bisquick mix that I mix up once in a while, and I just add a cup of milk and 2 eggs. BAM! Pancakes. My dad likes them so much that I gave him 2 jars of the mix for Christmas.

  2. Yeah I don’t get it. Pancakes are so super easy!

  3. Like the whip cream – it’s the thought of being able to squirt it directly into your mouth standing at the fridge at midnight.

    BTW- whipped cream is incredibly easy to make to, although it does mean pulling out the blender but super yummy and a huge wow factor with minimal effort when you use it with guests.

  4. I was actually offered a chance to review that stuff (or something very much like it) a year or so ago, if you’ll believe it. I could barely stop laughing long enough to politely decline.

  5. Jackie–I do my own bisquicky stuff too–my recipe is here ( –the only minor complication is that I still need to add oil of some kind, at least for waffles…

    Reg–I never thought of whipped cream in the blender; we always used the electric mixer, and it involved freezing the bowl and beaters and was sort of a pain. Blender sounds great! (I’ve heard of people who make butter this way too…just whip it way too long, and then you have butter and buttermilk…)

    Amber–I would have been tempted to accept just out of morbid curiosity…but I would probably have taken the high road and said, ‘er…no thanks.’

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