The “I’m Not Buying It” challenge…do I dare?

Check over at Greenhab–the “I’m not buying it” challenge. In short, not buying anything new for a period of six months, or whatever…only getting repurposed, handmade, etc. –sort of like a consumer de-tox.

On the one hand, I try to live like this as much as possible–I slip every year at the holiday season, but most of the time I try to use second-hand everything to whatever extent possible, or make it myself.  But Greenhab specifically mentions gifts…and I have two kids who get invited to birthday parties.  I’m not sure I could manage the secondhand gifts thing…

On the other hand, part of the deal is that one can make one’s own rules…

I’ll have to think about this. It would be good for me, for all of us…


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