Of Frugality and Greenness and being a Broke-Ass Grouch

This is one of the more thought-provoking (and funny-but-true) posts I’ve ever read:

Memo to ecovores: It’s cheaper being green

It begins:

Listen up, locavores, opportunivores, dumpster-diving fermentation fetishists, and Dave Matthews Band fans: A great many of us live by the same ecologically sound principles that you do. We, however, are not doing so because we nurture an abiding desire to “create choices” for ourselves or to “live intentionally.” We don’t have any more than a passing interest in “sustaining biodiversity.” We are known as poor people

Definitely worth a read!


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  1. I can so relate to this (but without all the bitterness). Funny that I was reading it while sitting next to my chickens I brought in from the cold, eating dinner bought with food stamps, and picking sweet peppers off the plant (also brought in from the cold) to go with my beans and Kashi. Yeah, I splurge on Kashi. But only because I had to eat McDonald’s for breakfast this morning running friends to the airport. :p
    Thanks for sharing this.

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