What kind of cereal do kids like?

It’s sort of weird–given their druthers, my kids will always choose the sugary cereals.  In our house, that means the Trader Joe’s version of Honey Nut Cheerios. At their sitter’s, it means Cinnamon Toast Crunch or other way sweeter things than I ever buy.

But when we don’t buy the sweeter stuff, they are still pretty happy with ordinary Cheerios (or “Joe’s O’s”) or other lightly sweetened but not overdone cereals.  We eat a lot of Heart to Heart and other Kashi cereals, or organic puffed rice, or those lightly frosted shredded wheat squares.  And they are generally very content, even though every trip to the grocery store involves begging for Honey Nut O’s.

So I honestly wasn’t too shocked to read this article–just surprised that this was something someone is paying attention to:

Kids May Not Necessarily Want Sugary Cereals, Suggests Study

Or, in the case of my kids, they may want them but not really care if they don’t get them.

Food for thought.



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