This is so confusing…

Remember the Food Safety Modernization Act? The one that passed both the House and the Senate?

It was prounonced dead. Apparently sacrificed on the Republican altar of “we’re in charge now and damned if we’ll let anything happen that might make your party and by extension your president look good between now and January when we take over.”

But then, like the hero in a thriller who is somehow in the building when it blows up, it apparently rose from the dead and passed the Senate. And now I believe it has to go back to the House yet again, but they’ll pass it pretty much for sure, and then to Obama’s desk.

I can’t keep track of it all…

I’m furious with my lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.  It’s like the whole thing has completely given up any pretense of being about good governance and is just about Winning.  I know, not news–but at moments like this it ticks me off all over again.


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