Heat Therapy Bags–I love these!

Funny I should run across this today–last night I was at a choral rehearsal and suddenly about 35 minutes into it my back started to spasm up.  And, with no opportunity to relax or stretch or medicate, by the first break my entire back was in one big knot from the base of my spine to my neck and shoulders; it even hurt to breathe. (And of course this was the practice where the director was working on our stand-sit cues, so we were bobbing up and down like some demented Whack-A-Mole game, on the beat, from these horrible movie-theater seats and standing more-than-shoulder-to-shoulder with each other…I was in misery.)  By three hours later when I got home, I was literally in tears, and it took some serious work with a muscle relaxant, a very strong husband, and two of these heat therapy bags to get me relaxed enough to even sleep.

A couple of these bags got me through labor with my son (my daughter it went too fast to even heat them up) and literally saved my sanity. Amazing.

Never occurred to me to give these as gifts to other people, especially teachers and such, but it’s an awesome idea. And this tutorial from the Make It From Scratch blog gives a really cute way to do it, with a removable and washable bag.  Check this out, it’s very cool.  Heck, it makes me wonder what other shapes you could make these in…

Very cool! I think I might have to make a few more of these…


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