I will not be shopping today.

I didn’t check my email yesterday, and only a little the day before. Eyes not working and all. So this morning I get on there, and behold, about 30 messages from various vendors (and these are the ones I DO buy from fairly frequently) pushing me to get out there and SHOP SHOP SHOP today. One after the other. It’s Black Friday–what else would I be doing?

As an aside, it’s sort of weird to realize this is probably the longest break I’ve taken from this blog since its inception, or certainly in the past year or so.  For those who’ve never had the pleasure, an ocular migraine is this weird phenomenon where my vision starts getting sort of weird and sharp-edged at first, then a little off-center sort of like looking through a kaleidescope that no one has turned, and then…someone gives it a little turn and things get really interesting.  During a really good ocular migraine I can just sort of lie there with my eyes shut and watch the swirling of the Pretty Colors across my field of vision–my own impression of what a small aspect of an acid trip might be like. (Having never experienced a real one. I’ve watched Moulin Rouge, does that count?)  Anyway, if I get away from the backlit computer screen and stay out of the sun, frequently I can get by without any actual pain involved, but if I try to tough it out and keep working it develops into a full-blown migraine headache with all the misery that entails.  This was one of my longest ocular ones, though not as painful as some. (I was pregnant when this happened for the first time–I was terrified and thought I was going blind, and of course my response then was to keep working at the computer and hope it went away, which only made it worse, until I felt like I was looking through a swirly colorful tunnel at about 2 inches of clear vision in the middle.)

Anyway–I’m back.  Never finished the “eating down the fridge” posts, although we did a lot of that earlier this week.  Had a delightful Thanksgiving dinner, all the good stuff, everything came out as it should, and my biggest crockpot is cooking down what appears to be a lovely batch of stock in the kitchen.  Today is that rare thing, an entire “day off” from beginning to end for the whole family.  My husband has his big to-do list, but I honestly don’t have it in me to be very active; it’s been a heck of a month, and I’m wiped out.  But I can tell you one thing I will not be doing:

I will not be shopping today.

I will not buy batteries, I will not buy soup, I will not buy shampoo or small bags for dog poop, I will not buy meat if it’s fresh or it’s Spam, I will not, will NOT buy them, Sam I am.

Wanna join the Anti-Black Friday Buy Nothing Day Challenge? Stay home and eat leftovers? Chat with friends and family? Think about what lovely gifts you could create yourself for the people around you, rather than contributing to the Great Wheel of Endless Consumerism? Crafty things your kids could do or make that would help them learn the fun of DIY (and maybe distract them for 20 minutes so you can have a little peace)? Play board games if it’s cold out, or go outside and play if you’re lucky enough not to live in northern Illinois and similar climates? Or you could be a real protester (not an armchair blogging one like myself) and hook up with one of the adbusters protests going on this weekend all over the planet…

Happy Friday.  Enjoy the day.  May it be filled with calm, peace, and even more giving of thanks. Lots to be thankful for.


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  1. I did hit the computer at 3 a.m. to get one deal on something I wanted to get for my sister and couldn’t afford to otherwise. But after that, went back to bed…and will spend today with my boys: eating leftovers, playing more football, watching football. Black Friday deals may have their own “value,” but I’d rather spend time with my boys. That time is priceless.

  2. I did get out – early – because my mom and sister wanted to go and I was the one who knew the city. It was less about presents than buying a few things we needed and could get fantastic deals on. But the rush was maddening.

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