Eating Down the Freezer–day 1

Okay, Thanksgiving is in 4 days, which means I’m going to need some room in my fridge and freezer in the next few days.  I have this annoying habit of collecting lots and lots of leftover food in the fridge and freezer which sit there forever because I forget I have it there…and then suddenly one day there’s no room in the fridge or freezer for anything.

I have leftover chili, leftover soup, probably 5 quarts of stock, bags and bags of frozen veggies, little half-cup portions of pureed pumpkin, leftover frozen bread, and God knows what-all else in there. So I’m on a mission for at least the next few days to get some of it out and make room for the next round of leftovers.

Tonight it was actually a really nice soup. Totally improvised, but absolutely delicious.


Garbage Soup

1 quart leftover frozen turkey broth (ehem…yes, it is from last Thanksgiving.  Totally forgot it was in there. Best stock I ever made.) dumped into covered saucepan on medium heat till melted and hot

Add: half a bag frozen peppers and onions, 3-4 handfuls frozen green beans from that bag I forgot about that I could have made green bean casserole out of on Thanksgiving except that I hate the stuff, a handful of diced carrots.

Add: 2 frozen italian chicken sausage links (pre-cooked) I’d also forgotten about, sliced and quartered

Add: 1/5 cups or so frozen black beans

Cook it all together until it’s not frozen any more. Throw in the leftover pasta the kids didn’t eat last night and about half a cup prepared pasta sauce. Some garlic and oregano and a little fennel seed. I think that was about it.


Hardly counts as a recipe, really–but it turned out to be a really good soup, all things considered.

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