Two Mothers and a Great Idea

Okay, what an awesome idea–check out Two Mothers Foods in Naperville, Illinois.

This is a sort of lunch-shop-catering-business (honestly, so far it looks more cater-y than lunch-shop-y, but I hope they’re able to get a good following!) in nearby Naperville, which uses almost all local and organic ingredients, shops local markets, and generates no waste.  Everything they sell is in glass jars or cloth bags or what-have-you, and they recycle scraps and leftovers for broths and to feed the animals on the farms they source from.  Imagine that–veggie scraps going into the pot to make the next batch of soup, rather than getting tossed or even composted, which would still be a good idea…seems like a no-brainer, but how many individuals, let alone businesses, actually do it!

Unfortunately, they are far enough from my home-to-workplace commute that I won’t be able to patronize them regularly…but I wanted at least to give them a good shout-out! Anyone who reads this who lives or works near Naperville, who ever checks this place out, please come back and comment with a report!

In the meantime–snaps for a business model I wish more people would follow.


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  1. I actually ate lunch here with my family today. It’s true, it’s more of a take-out kind of place. But the food is AWESOME!

    If you’re looking for some good hot soup and homemade bread, this is the place! We had the Lentil Soup, Chili with Meat, Chapatti Sandwich, Cornbread Muffins, Beet Salad, and Raspberry Tea. All of it was OUTSTANDING! So good in fact, that we ended up ordering some more to take home with us.

    It’s also relatively inexpensive – Soup is around $5 for 16 oz (which is VERY filling), Bread is around $1 – 1.75 or so. You could eat and be satisfied for less than $8. Not to mention, you won’t feel like junk after eating it!

    The only downfall – They’re only open between 9 and 3:00. That said, it’s worth the trip…maybe even taking a “sick day” to check it out!

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