Side By Side: Cranberry relish!

Somewhere along the way, I think I sort of forgot about the whole “side by side” thing long before I was done…Hmm. Maybe I got distracted, because I was finishing my Master’s Degree! (Yes, it’s true, I am now legitimately able to put six letters after my name instead of the former 4…)

Anyway, comps are done, life goes on, and Thanksgiving approaches.  I still want to cover stuffing and rolls…and of course, my mom’s fantastic and fantastically easy Cranberry Relish!


Jenn’s Mom’s unbelievably easy cranberry relish

Hack up an organic orange into about 5 pieces. Put it into your food processor, peel, pith, and all. Add about 2/3 cup sugar. (As you wish–depends how sweet you like it.) Pulse a bunch of times until the orange is fairly well chopped up.

Dump in a bag of fresh organic cranberries, and pulse until it’s the consistency of relish–again, it totally depends on how small you like the pieces.


That’s it.  Almost embarrassing to call it a recipe, really.  And it’s amazingly good, I love it so much more than the cooked sauces…


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  1. I make this one too…almost. I use brown sugar and add an apple. And you’re right. It’s insanely delicious.

  2. Ooh, apple! I never thought of that…maybe we’ll try that this year…

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