Daily Archives: November 14, 2010

Still trying to love the Vita-Mix…getting closer.

One of the things I married into was this massive enormous overachiever of a blender, that my husband spent some ridiculous amount of money on, called a Vita-Mix. It’s the kind of thing you see infomercials on on late-night TV, half an hour of “did you know it could do this?–Wait! There’s more!” It purees, it dices, it makes soup without a stove, it makes ice cream without a freezer, yada yada yada.

I honestly have barely used the thing in almost 9 years of marriage.  It’s heavy, it’s too tall for any of our cabinets, it’s a giant pain in the tail.

But then last week I found a post on someone’s blog–whose, I can’t remember, or I’d link to it–who mentioned that when she cans tomatoes, rather than peeling and seeding and running them through a food mill, she just removes the cores but then throws the rest of the thing into the Vita-Mix on high for a few minutes, seeds and skins and all, and the thing completely purees the heck out of the skins and seeds.

I had about 7 tomatoes I forgot about in the crisper; they were getting a little on the edgy side, so I figured, no time like the present.

I still think the blender is an overachiever.  But I can also attest that it works. The result, of course, it way too watery, so it needed to be simmered down a lot, but it’s so many many many times less trouble than the food mill, which I couldn’t stand.  I still will prefer to do a lot of canning the way I did over the summer, with bigger and chunkier tomatoes, but this quicker-and-easier way to make puree is a great thing in a pinch.

And yes, after about 4 minutes, the tomatoes started to heat up, and if I’d let them go a little longer, they would have been soup.  That part’s not a joke either. So…

Maybe it’s time for me to start watching some more infomercials.