Daily Archives: November 13, 2010

Spiced Coffee

My love affair with my French Press, and coffee in general, has been well-documented here.

I don’t have my own coffee grinder, so I buy beans at the store and then grind them there. ¬†After a while, the pre-ground stuff just isn’t as good, and the longer it sits ground on my counter the less lovely it tastes…

But…I discovered a little trick that is so amazingly easy, and it is delicious and helps the ground-a-couple-of-weeks-ago coffee still taste gorgeous for a lot longer.Seriously easy–just wherever you put the grounds (in the French Press, in the hopefully reusable coffee filter, whatever), sprinkle on the following: a small pinch of cinnamom, a small pinch of ginger, a small pinch of allspice…and/or anise, cardamon, cloves, whatever. Just a teeny sprinkle of each. ¬†Then pour the water, whatever…

The end result is lightly spicy, nowhere near as strong as those “flavored” coffees you get, but really delicious.

Barely even a real “tip,” but I do highly recommend it.