Side by Side: Brussels Sprouts that Don’t Suck!

I was going to be more polite and title this, “Brussels Sprouts that Don’t Stink”…but unfortunately when I made these yesterday I came home to a pungent cabbagey-smelling house that caused my 8-year-old–the one who farts with such odorous abandon–to spend the next half hour pretending to asphyxiate.

These are really really good, seriously–but if you make them on a non-turkey-or-other-very-yummy-smelling-cooking day, you might want to open the windows or put your crockpot on the patio while they cook. 🙂

Brussels sprouts are one of those things that have always been a Thanksgiving Must, though I have always had a tolerate-hate (as opposed to love-hate) relationship with the little things. At last, we’re learning to get along.

It’s not my recipe: Got this from Stephanie O’Dea’s “A Year of Slow Cooking” website–“The Very Best Brussels Sprouts Recipe in the World.” (Bookmark this site! It’s a gold mine! And I’m desperately grateful that she didn’t have to take it down once she published her cookbook…)

Now okay, I have to admit: I don’t think this is the best brussels sprout recipe in the world, because that honor goes to the recipe our family friend Nancy makes every year at my mom’s house.  It involves, as I recall, sauteeing shallots in like a whole stick of butter, then adding salt and pepper and sliced up brussels sprouts and then sprinkling chopped toasted pecans or something in it.  Beyond amazing, seriously.  But that stick of butter puts that recipe into the “special occasions only” category for me, plus I can’t be bothered to slice up brussels sprouts.

Stephanie’s crockpot recipe is really a good way to go–definitely, click the link, but to summarize: it involves sprouts and a little water in the crockpot with salt, pepper, a little butter (I think I only did maybe a tablespoon instead of her 3), and Dijon mustard. Very nice blending of flavors, very delicious. And it frees up a stove burner, always key on Thanksgiving, am I right?

Give it a try. Very very good stuff…

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  1. Will have to try it. We recently tried a roasted brussels sprouts recipe from Emerils’ Farm to Fork book, and it was good (though the smallest sprouts were overcooked). Sadly, I suspect the only way my kids will eat it is in the microwave packs with butter.

  2. Oh…can’t wait to try these better recipes for brussels sprouts. I have to find a way for my kids to like them. I thought maple glazed brussels sprouts would do the trick, and it didn’t!

  3. I think we need the recipe from your friend with the stick of butter. 🙂 They say full-fat dairy is good for women who want to conceive… 😉

    • Honestly, Kathleen, I don’t really have the recipe, just what I put in the post–but that’d probably work! (Maybe half a stick of butter would be sufficient?) Just kind of make it up. I’m fairly sure the ingredients above are about all that’s in there…

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