Are you serious? Or just poking me in the McRib?

Is this for real?

Elusive McRib Returns to McDonalds This November

Have you tried one of these things? I thought they were gross before I even stopped eating processed food or driving beneath the shadow of the Golden Arches. Just…eew. Check out these photos of a deconstructed McRib–basically, without the sauce it pretty much is a Grey Slimepatty. The ingredients? Ah, lovely, only one in the patty itself:  Boneless Pork. (here my husband would go into Beavis and Butthead noises. Boneless pork. Heh heh heh.) Except that, apparently, there are SEVEN distinct ingredients in boneless pork, and only one of them is pork, and two of them have weird chemically-sounding letters instead of names: THBQ and BHA. BHA, or butylated hydroxyanisole, actually has a section in its wikipedia article entitled “carcinogenicity.” I’m serious, click the link, it’s there–and THBQ is also shown in higher amounts to cause “pre-tumors” in lab animals.

So let’s see…it tastes gross, it looks grosser, and it might give you cancer. And we’re excited about its return, why?


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  1. gross! I never realized there were so many nasty ingredients.

  2. Me either–I confess that I tried these a couple of times in my younger and more marketing-impressionable days…I mean, “Wow! Ribs! I love ribs, this should be good, even if it only is sort of like ribs!”–then I’d order one and go, “Wow, this doesn’t taste ANYTHING like ribs, more like a fattyfattyickslimepatty with barbecue sauce.”

    It does sort of crack me up and disgust me, though, that it can pretend “boneless pork” is one ingredient, and it relieves me that they have to then tell you exactly what boneless pork is…

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