Chew on this! (Dental Sealant Safety)

My seven year old has had his first batch of molars for a year or so now.  My daughter has her first loose tooth.

The dentist, whom I actually really like and respect (he let me get a small cavity filled without novocaine, which wasn’t bad at all) –he’s the first dentist who’s actually listened to my concerns about things, and not just blown them off–is recommending sealants for my son.  I’m very ambivalent about the whole thing–for one thing, BPA is used in a lot of dental sealants–or rather, BPA is no longer used in any of the sealants, but many of them are made of things which break down into BPA when they contact saliva.

Our doc says that he doesn’t use the BPA sealants, but I don’t (yet) know exactly what he has used.  I’m going to ask him, though, now that I found this post on The Green Phone Booth with some actual detailed information about which sealants do and which do not have BPA in them.  Non-Toxic Kids has a good one too…And this article has information from a couple of studies on the topic–the crux seems to be that none of the sealants leave BPA in the bloodstream in any measurable amounts, but they do leave it in the saliva for the first hour or so after application.  Which, to me, says that if we swallow our saliva we’re ingesting the stuff.  And articles like this one scare the heck out of me.

When I hit puberty, I immediately got a buttload of cavities, which were of course filled with the silver fillings we all used Back in The Day. I’d like to avoid that for my kids if possible (not the silver part, the cavities!)–but not by exposing them to something even less safe.

Anyone have any additional research that I can add to my roundup here?


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