Maybe I CAN cook everything…

Okay, a few months ago I had some words about Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything. Mostly, my conclusion was that yes, it’s a good book, but I already know how to cook enough things that it just wasn’t really worth my shelf space or $29.95 to buy it.  Though I’d still happily recommend it to anyone I knew who was trying to learn cooking.

But then I got a look at the iphone app. Yes, one has to pay for it (I’m one of those cheap people who almost never actually buys an app), but it’s only $4.99 and has every recipe the cookbook has.  Its ability to cross-reference and index itself, to find variations on recipes effortlessly, to search for recipes by ingredient, to generate shopping lists…yes, it’s a little annoying when the screen goes to sleep mid-recipe on you and you need to wake it up with greasy hands, but that’s a very very small difficulty.

They bill this app as being a good “companion” to the book–honestly, I don’t quite see why one would need the book with this app. It has the basic instructions, it has the recipes, it has the variations–best $4.99 I ever spent.

I can’t recommend this enough. It’s the best app on my phone.


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  1. The app has a feature to address the “sleep” issue—just turn your device in landscape mode while you are in the recipe and it will not go to sleep.

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