Death to Fruit Flies! (a freezer compost bin?)

We tried to be dedicated composters, we really did. But then the fruit fly invasion happened, and they were all over that side of the kitchen, and then they were all over the kitchen, and then they were all over the house…that was sort of the end of it.  We have continued sporadically, and whenever I have done any big cooking projects that involve a significant amount of food detritus (like canning tomatoes or making soup) I have gathered the goods and put them directly into the outdoor bin, and my husband tosses in the leaf-rakings or grass clippings, but it’s fallen sadly by the wayside. And once winter comes, I don’t know if I’ll even be inclined to do that.

So seeing this article about a freezer compost bin was really intriguing.

Part of me goes, “okay, why would I need to buy a schmantzy thing for my compost, I could just gather it in a yogurt tub in the freezer, couldn’t I?” Which is absolutely true.  On the other hand, the silicone “pop-it-out” feature is nice; that wouldn’t work with the plastic yogurt container.  On the third hand (as a crazed suburban mom, I of course need about 5 hands at any given moment, so don’t let this throw you), it doesn’t have a lid, and I’m a sloppy-freezer-user…I’d worry that it would get knocked over in there…

I don’t know…thoughts? Is this an awesome idea, or an attempt to capitalize on the Craze of Greenness?


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  1. I keep all of our compostable scraps in a yogurt tub in the fridge and then dump it into the outside bin when I feel like it. (I must admit that for awhile, I’d get four or five yogurt tubs in the fridge before I felt like taking it out, and then I had to set a rule for myself to only have one tub in there because I was losing a whole fridge shelf to compost…)

    I keep some yogurt tubs in the freezer for veggie scraps that can be used to make broth. Those also end up in the compost eventually.

  2. I live an area with lots of bears. The city actually suggests freezing as a way to keep our green waste contained and the odors down until the morning of garbage day. Although I, personally, don’t do it.

    Honestly, I’ve found that the best thing is to just keep a bowl on the counter for compost and empty it daily. Storing it for more than a few hours inside brings on the fruit flies.

  3. I keep a plastic coffee can in the fridge. It holds more than the yogurt tub that I was using before, and I have gotten used to it being there in its own space. Its not as sleek as the specially designed ones, but it did not cost me anything extra either as I picked it up from the massive stash of them at my dad’s house!

  4. Hmm. Food (food-waste?:-)) for thought.

    Veggie scraps are absolutely something I need to get on board with; I could make great stock with those, and I hate buying the tetra-paks of pre-made stuff…

  5. The guy at our farm stand swears by putting out jars with a little vinegar near your kitchen composter – at least he does that around all his fruits it hot summer and there are remarkedly few fruit flies there. (but when I get the stuff home———

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